The Meditation of You 

My goal is to help you live from the Ground of Being as the unique expression of manifest consciousness that you are.

You will gain deep insight into the full spectrum of your Being,
be empowered in your distinctive qualities and met gently and deeply at the growth edge of your evolutionary path.

My approach is experiential and integrative to assist you in understanding both cognitively and on a bodily felt-sense level the individual elements of your design.

In our time together we will cover the elements of your  Human Design chart, including type, authority, strategy, definition, conditioning, profile, life theme and in-build tensions resulting from possibly differing agendas of your Design and Soul energies (In HD we calculate two charts, one on the day of your birth representing soul energies and one of the moment of 88 degrees before your birth when the genetic material is released to form your specific “vehicle’s” life path).


60 minutes ~ $60
90 minutes ~ $90

Email me at to schedule your appointment.

Meetings will be virtual on Zoom or by phone.