Self-Study Resources to get started:

Free online software to generate charts (optional modules for a fee to get I-Ching, connection charts and other info):

Book of Lines (and Gates) by Chetan Parkyn (includes Gene Key Shadow : Gift :: Siddhi info):

Gene Keys – Richard Rudd’s brilliant teachings
Contemplation of the Gene Key consciousness frequency sequences: Shadow : Gift :: Siddhi
Recognize the lower shadow frequency for each of your Gates to enter the Gift and Siddhi higher frequencies. Beautiful work!
Purchase individual Gene Key recordings for $3.50 each or the entire collection and/or purchase Gene Key books at

John Martin – Human Design Hawaii
Link to John Martin’s page that includes the audio on challenging authority when it is determined by centers that are defined through red “vehicle” and black “reincarnating soul” gates (as taught in the traditional school):
Episode 2

My Human Design Studies include:

Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood

Most of all, I want to thank my brilliant teachers Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood!
Thank you for your inspiration and a great training program.

Human Design America
I took the “Living Your Design” and “RAVE ABC” courses offered by the Human Design America school. 

Lynda Bunnell

Thank you Lynda Bunnell for writing the
The Definitive Book of Human Design – The Science of Differentiation“.
An incredible resource and it feels reassuring to have access to the “original source” of the information.
Lynda Bunnell is a Human Design Teacher and Director of The International Human Design School.
Ra Uru Hu, Human Design Founder, Messenger & Teacher, entrusted Lynda with his educational programs and with maintaining the global standards for education within The Human Design System.

John Martin

I have been very inspired by John Martin’s teachings as well.
Check him out – videos on Type:

I especially appreciate his “Challenging Authority” presentation. I find it useful and it has served me in greater discernment of the elements of my design.
Listen to the recording of the presentation (episode 2): 

Laura and Werner Pitzal

Laura and Werner Pitzal very much inspire me with their Integral Human Design work. They integrate Gene Keys and Human Design and take it further into their own unique body of work. (I believe their work is also based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theories – so I have been told but didn’t take the time yet to read for myself on their website – personally, I love their body graphs):

Richard Rudd – Gene Keys

And a big thank you to Richard Rudd for developing the Gene Keys and Golden Path teachings.
I deeply resonate with the Shadow – Gift – Siddhi work.  It so aligns with the Trillium Awakening embodied consciousness awakening teaching approach.
Gene Keys:

Kumud Kabir

I received my first reading from Kumud in 2002 and advanced readings in 2018. She is brilliant!

And a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the other Human Design teachers who take the concepts, live them, develop them, teach them, and make a lot of material available for free on the Internet.